Blue Miller – journalist and photographer

My name is Blue Miller (and yes, Blue is my real name!)
Flagstaff, Arizona

Q: Where are you from?
I am British and divide my time between the UK and Arizona.

Q: What do you do?
A: I am a journalist and photographer by profession and edit one of Europe’s leading custom motorcycle magazines.

Q: What was your first contact with Route 66?
A: I first drove some of Route 66 in 2005 while visiting Las Vegas for work, although then I didn’t take that much notice of it. I remember being far more impressed by a truck on a stick in Yucca, Arizona, and it was some time later before I realised that Yucca was a later alignment of 66, so I guess it all came together! The first ‘roadie’ I met was the late Laurel Kane at the Afton DX station and her welcome and friendliness has always stayed with me.

Q: What fascinates you, what do you like most about Route 66?
A: Over the years, what has come to fascinate me about Route 66 is how quickly, even now, recent history can be lost. While the iconic landmarks such as the Hackberry General Store, the Blue Swallow, Lucille’s, etc, are all documented in depth, there are hundreds if not thousands of old stores, motels and gas stations which are being lost, each with their own stories that make up the history of Route 66. I began my blog,, to entertain myself and to research into the history of those forgotten buildings.

Up early for a car meet in Pasadena

Q: Do you have any inspirational quote or slogan?
A: My inspiration quote? From Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Racing In The Street’ – ‘Tonight, tonight the highway’s bright…’

Q: Anything else that comes to your mind?
A: As well as being involved in researching and preserving the history of 66, I also spend a lot of time trying to help people venturing onto the Mother Road for the first time with information not just on what to see, but on useful stuff like how to use a US gas pump and how much to tip – the little differences! I’ve also written two series of articles on Route 66 which were serialised in national magazines and I’ve travelled the length and parts of Route 66 countless times, including on my own in my 1965 Ford Mustang and earlier this year, from Santa Monica to Chicago, with my husband on our honeymoon in our 1946 Chevy pickup.

Route 66, California

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