Some Statistics on the Facebook Route 66 Travelers Community

It’s time to celebrate again and of course I’m doing it with all of you,
the new and the old members of the Route 66 Travelers’ Community

Our community is steadily growing and we’re getting closer and closer to 4.000 members. But it’s not only about the number of members, it’s different other figures that made me have a closer look.

The hard copies I created from the insights screens, refer all to a period of 28 days.
A detailed spreadsheet that I downloaded is linked at the end of this post.

Our community grew by 239 new members within the last 28 days.
At this point another warm WELCOME to all the new members
and to ALL 3770 members
thank you for being part of this community
and for spreading the word about the Mother Road
and keeping Route 66 alive.
The number of posts in 28 days were almost 500.
That’s an average of almost 18 posts a day.


2,429 members are from the US,
336 from UK and 97 from Australia
Who would have thought that Australia has so many Route 66 fans!The city where the highest number of members come from is
Amarillo (40), TX, followed  by Springfield (35), MO
and Kingman (34), AZ
… and finally the top contributors

Dean Kennedy has the highest number of postings (39)
followed by Mariko Kusakabe (28) each day another post
and with the same number of posts
Louise van der Merwe (19), Efren Lopez (19), Tim Mauk (19)

Blue Miller has the highest number in regarding comments (113)
Congratulations Blue! You’re the only member with
more than 100 comments within 28 days

followed by Stephanie Kennedy (98)
Penny Black (67)

For those interested in more detailed statistics, the community insights with more details in a spreadsheet on my Google drive.

The spreadsheet includes:

  • 96 top contributors
  • 101 top posts
  • 101 top cities
  • 100 top countries
  • daily numbers
  • popular times
  • popular days
  • age range

Just click the link below. The spreadsheet should open in a new window or tab, depending on the settings of your browser.

Route 66 Travelers Community – Stats

Please use the comment line to tell me what you think of these statistics.



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