Google Map including original alignments of Route 66 between 1926 and 1954

Some of the original alignments

Another Google Map by Route 66 Enthusiast Randall Bourne with his own tracing of the original alignments of Route 66. Still a work in progress.

Thank you Randall for sharing this map with Route 66 Travelers

2 thoughts on “Some of the original alignments

  1. Hello been on a road trip for over a year!
    California to Florida
    Down Route 66
    How can I post some of my photos and get in the contest? Thanks


    1. Hi Kymberly,

      I’m so sorry for the delay of our answer. It’s been a busy couple of months lately, but we’re getting back to normal … hopefully any time soon.

      At the time being there is no contest, but we’re going to start a new challenge in September.
      Get back to this blog or follow it. You can also follow @Route66Travelers on Instagram or @66Travelers on Twitter, where we’re going to share the announcements for the new challenges, too.

      If you just want to share your photos with other #Route66Travelers and exchange your experiences made along the Mother Road, then you may want to join the group with the same name on Facebook.

      Looking forward to seeing your photos …


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