Theme 1: Historic Motels

8 months, 8 states, 8 photos, 8 stories

Theme for uploads from October 1 – 14: Historic Motels

In this period of time you can post up to 10 SINGLE photos (please upload only one per tweet) of Historic Motels you photographed along Route 66.

Please name the motel and location and tell us in which of the 8 Route 66 States you found the motel by adding Route 66 to the name of the State as follows: #Route66NAMEoftheState (for the photo in this post it would be #Route66NewMexico)

Add also the hashtags #Route66Smiling and #Route66Motel and also tag your hosts @66Travelers and @TimeTraveler911

#Route66Smiling at the Blue Swallow #Route66Motel in Tucumcari
#Route66NewMexico with hosts @66Travelers and @TimeTraveler911

A correctly tagged photo – as shown above – will be added to the Twitter Moment: Historic Motels

You can additionally tag the #BlueSwallowMotel and #Tucumcari in your post, but that’s up to you. Not a must

You may also want to tag up to 10 friends in your photo.

The winner photo of this challenge will replace the header photo of the Twitter Moment and the most liked photos will be linked to the locations of the below map, when the challenge is completed.

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