Theme 3: Bridges on Route 66

8 months, 8 states, 8 photos, 8 stories

Theme for uploads from October 29 – November 11: Bridges on Route 66

The following two weeks you may upload as many photos as you want of Bridges on Route 66.
Please only one photo per tweet. We stopped limiting the number of uploads.

To make it easier for you to name and locate a bridge on Route 66 please visit the below URL with a complete list of all Bridges along the Mother Road:

Name the bridge and location and tell us in which of the 8 Route 66 States it is located by tagging your post with #Route66NAMEoftheState (for the photo below it would be: #Route66Oklahoma.

The Timberlake Bridge is a #Route66Bridge on #Route66Oklahoma
for #Route66Smiling with the theme: Bridges on Route 66
hosts: @66Travelers and @TimeTraveler911

Also add the hashtags #Route66Smiling and #Route66Bridges (we’re going to collect all uploads for bridges on Route 66 with this hashtag) and please share with @66Travelers and @TimeTraveler911 on Twitter.

You can also tag the location and name of the bridge. But that is not a must.

All correctly tagged photos – as shown above – will be added to the Twitter Moment: Bridges on Route 66.

The winner photo of this third challenge will replace the header photos of the Twitter Moment and the most liked photos linked to the locations of the below Route 66 Map.

Winner photo of the previous challenge Historic Diners will be announced by November 8, 2021 and will replace the header of the Twitter Moment Historic Diners and of course also shared on Twitter. The best photos will be linked to the locations of the above map, at the end of the challenge.

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