Theme 9: People you met

8 months, 8 states, 8 photos, 8 stories

Route 66 Roadies from Chicago to LA
Route 66 Roadies from Chicago to LA

On a road trip you’re never alone. Wherever you stop you’ll always find other #Route66Travelers, but also #Route66Roadies (see some of the roadies we met while driving from Chicago to LA). Just talk to them, you’ll be surprised how friendly, warmhearted all people are on Route 66.

Every day we met new people on the road and always spent more time chatting with them, than initially planned. We arrived very late at our hotels/motels at night and sometimes we even had to take the Interstate for the last miles, just to arrive at the motel before midnight.

We met Route 66 Travelers from all over the world. At Painted Desert we met a couple from Spain, who were on a honeymoon after being married in Las Vegas. At Midpoint we met a guy from Chicago, his last trip as single, before getting married two months later (we signed his guitar), a location scout from Spain and a business owner from Canada. Such are memories you’ll never forget.

Do you have similar memories? Let us know of encounters with any kind of people along the Mother Road: business owners, artists, travelers, other roadies, authors, guides, unpaid helpers in museums or attractions you talked with and maybe even took a photo with them. Show us your pictures and let us know who’s on and where you met those #Route66People. Please use this hashtag and also include #Route66Smiling in your post and we will add it to our Twitter Moment – Route 66 People.

The winner photo of this challenge will be announced within 5 days after the challenge Route 66 People is completed and the replacing of the header with the winner photo for the Twitter Moment also shared on Twitter.

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