Theme 12: Vintage Cars + “Rusteezes”

8 months, 8 states, 8 photos, 8 stories

Show us your images taken along the Mother Road of classic or vintage cars, but also “rusteezes” (abandoned cars left on the roadside)

Hello and welcome #Route66Travelers … On a Road Trip from Chicago to LA you’ll find many, really many beautiful classic cars, but also abandoned ones with wonderful patina. Show us all the different cars you saw while traveling. We want to see them all. The number of posts is NOT limited – but please – ONLY ONE PHOTO PER POST.

Tag your photos and share as shown below

Upload your best photos of attractions you saw along the road , tag your posting with #Route66Smiling and #Route66ClassicCars and share with @66travelers and @timetraveler911 on Twitter so we can find and share it with our Twitter Moment: Vintage Cars, Rusteezes.

Please give us some details name and location as well as US-State. Please do not forget to tag your photo with #Route66Smiling and #Route66ClassicCars, as we may not find it.

The winner photo of this challenge will be announced within 5 days after the challenge Vintage Cars, Rusteezes is completed. The replacing of the header with the winner photo for the Twitter Moment will also be shared on Twitter.

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