Route 66 Smiling discontinued

The huge smile of the Mother Road
The huge smile of the Mother Road

As there were no participants lately and the last themes were mainly done by myself, we decided to stop with our challenge #Route66Smiling as from now. Any challenge without challengers is no challenge ;).

Maybe the time wasn’t yet ripe for this. When we started the challenge we had less than 200 followers. @66Travelers was practically unknown and we haven’t been really active on twitter either.

Although the number of people knowing about us increased multiple times and so did the number of followers of the hashtag #Route66Smiling, but the number of participants is really too low to continue and call this a challenge. Maybe at a later date, when many more #Route66Enthusiasts are willing to share their photos and information with a larger public, we are going to resume this kind of challenge or we come up with a completely new idea of sharing photos and information.

Until we come up with a new challenge or another idea to make Route 66 known to a larger public, please use the hashtag #Route66Travelers and share with @66Travelers and @TimeTraveler911. We will share your photos and information on our timeline. Of course the photo must show a place, location, attraction, business, people ON Route 66.

Follow us on twitter to stay tuned. We will follow back every person who shares photos and information with us by tagging them as shown above.

Join our Route 66 Travelers Community on Twitter. We follow back every member of the community.

At this point I would like to thank those people who took the challenge with us.

A complete listing of our moments on twitter is included in our posting: twitter moments. More there.

Looking forward to your tagged photos and information about Route 66.

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