How it all began …

Did not fall in love with the Mother Road at first sight, but for sure when I met Mr. Angel Delgadillo the “Mayor of Seligman”. I knew him only from some documentaries and the passion he used to talk about Route 66 always impressed me, his smile reaches from Chicago to LA and it touched my heart forever. Maybe you can imagine how I felt, when I met him in person on my very first visit in Seligman and that just by chance. Getting back  home I started to google more information about him and the more I read, the more I got into the Route 66 fever and ever since the virus caught and never left me. 2010 was the year I started to fall in love with the Mother Road.

My very first picture on Route 66 was on the bench at Painted Desert in Arizona (left)

and at the same place 7 years later (right).

Just one day after my first photo on Route 66 we met Mr. Angel Delgadillo. An unforgettable meeting, as it changed everything about my travelings in the United States. The time before the Guardian Angel of Route 66 (as Mr. Delgadillo has been dubbed) my only passion was for the American Southwest with all its beauty, its magnificent National Parks, the Wild West Past and the Ghost Towns. After meeting Mr. Delgadillo my passion for the Mother Road was born and grew with every single person we met along the road. Both our smiles go from Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier, from the beginning till the end of the road.

It was a great honor for me to meet him in person. I was not prepared for seeing him and I was fascinated by the warm welcome and how he immediately started talking with me, although he was about to leave the shop and go home for lunch, he took the time and answered all my questions. Thank you Mr. Delgadillo, you inspired me as you did with so many other people traveling the Mother Road.

Some time later, just before we went on our second Road Trip (2012), where another stretch of Route 66 should be added, I created the Route 66 Travelers group on Facebook, hoping to get in contact with more people with similar interests and exchanging experiences, getting more information what to see, whom to meet, what to do, where to sleep …

Thus I could meet more people, some of them friends forever. Facebook and the Route 66 Travelers community was the connecting link. 

2016 I had my first photo exhibition at the First European Route 66 Festival  and I could talk with many visitors about the Main Street of America, and I found myself in the middle of convincing them, that Route 66 still existed and it was not history yet nor a dream, a ghost, something in the past. It was real and you could step back in time driving almost the whole stretch from Chicago on Lake Michigan up to the Santa Monica Pier at the shores of the Pacific Ocean on the original stretches.

Some of the people we met on our Road Trip 2017

That was the moment of a life decision: supporting the preservation efforts of all the enthusiasts, artists, authors, business owner, by creating a worldwide network of connections with the people and businesses via a profile page including all relevant data to a person, a location, a place, an art gallery, a landmark and publishing them on this blog, that should be taken as a hub to the international community.

For our RoadTrip 2017 I created a GoogleMap with all locations and many attractions worth to visit on our RoadTrip. After someone in the community on Facebook asked for an online map with all the locations, I made the map accessible to the public, and every since it can be used for planning THE RoadTrip of a LifeTime.

You may link to the map, embed it into your website or share it with friends. It will always be free and as soon as we get new points of interest along the Mother Road from Route 66 Travelers from all over the world, they will be added to the map. By linking to the map or embedding it into your website or blog, you will always have the latest version.

Although I do not have the time and money to travel as often as I would like to see Route 66 and meet all those wonderful people again, one part of my heart will always belong to Route 66.

Come and join our International Route 66 Family!