How you can become part of this cross-linked community?
Straight roads do not make skilful drivers. ~ Paulo Coelho ~

It’s very simple. Please answer the below questions and send them by eMail to RT66Travelers @ gmail . com

Interview Questions

  1. * Name: either your real name or the name people know you on Route 66.
  2. * Where do you live? Name of the city or location. (additional information would be great, but not a must)
  3. Where are you from?
  4. * What do you do? Are you an author, blogger, business owner, musician, an enthusiast (you can add as many information as you would like to be published about what you are doing, more information might qualify you for more than one category)
  5. * Tell me a little about your first contact with Route 66 – where, when, what was your first impression?
  6. * What’s your reason to stick with the Mother Road to date?
  7. What fascinates you, what do you like most about Route 66: a location, a person, a book, a place, a landmark?
  8. Do you have any inspirational quote or slogan that describes either you or what you do best?
  9. Anything else that comes to your mind, that you would like to share with other Route 66 Travelers from around the world. Anything special for the German audience?
  10. List all your websites and social media channels that you would like to be shown on your profile page. If you want me to promote your website, books, artwork, music, business, blogs … please add the respective link with a short description. Please add at least one link to be able to GUIDE my followers to you.
  11. * For the featured photo on the profile page please send a good photograph showing your face. It would also be great to have some more pictures showing your activities on or about Route 66, maybe a short video* max. 1 minute in length, showing your business, artwork, music, photographs, books, magazines or whatever you have created with Route 66 as subject.

Questions marked with an * are required.

* the video should be uploaded on YouTube or another video platform and made accessible to public. Only such videos can be embedded in our site.

As soon as we receive the mail with your answers and photos, we will start creating the English version of your profile page. Before it is published, you will receive a copy to check for any errors or maybe additional changes you’d like to have made.

Once approved by you, the profile page will be published and shared with our Social Media Channels on Instagram, Twitter and on our Facebook Page and to the community of Route 66 Travelers

As soon as the English version is online and has been shared throughout our social media channels, a German version will be created, linked and shared.

NEW as from March 2020 – featuring your best photos from the Mother Road on Instagram.

Click to read how it all began

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