Theme 13: Abandoned Places, Ghost Towns, Almost Ghosts

8 months, 8 states, 8 photos, 8 stories

Show us your photos of abandoned places, ghost towns or almost ghosts from the Mother Road

Hello and welcome #Route66Travelers … Abandoned places, ghost towns and almost ghosts … still too many along the Mother Road from Chicago to LA. Some were already rescued others are being restored right now, while a few of them are really abandoned without a chance to be restored.

Can we find any interested people to save such a place, a piece of American History, real Americana?

The number of posts is NOT limited – but please – ONLY ONE PHOTO PER POST.

Tag your photos and share as shown below

Upload your best photos of attractions you saw along the road , tag your posting with #Route66Smiling and #Route66Abandoned and share with @66travelers and @timetraveler911 on Twitter so we can find and share it with our Twitter Moment: Abandoned Places, Ghost Towns, Almost Ghosts.

Please give us some details name and location as well as US-State. Please do not forget to tag your photo with #Route66Smiling and #Route66Abandoned otherwise it may not be found and added to the moment.

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