We are all travelers in this world, 
and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~

Behind Route 66 Travelers

This blog was created as a nonprofit, non-commercial site to promote members of the large Route 66 Family – whether they are writers, poets, photographers, bloggers, artists, business owners, video or film makers or just vivid enthusiasts of Route 66.

But not only members of the international Route 66 Family are promoted here, you’ll also get interesting information on the Mother Road and also find links to informative blogs and websites about Route 66 – in German and in English language.

Owners and Managers of this page:


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GLM-Foto and FineArt  with a special Route 66 category

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Route 66 Travelers  @66travelers – twitter allows only 15 letters for screen names

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A public map with all Route 66 locations, attractions, businesses and people of the Route 66 Family for you to share and use for FREE.
– owner and creator of the map: Geri Linda Metterle aka TimeTraveler911

Any missing location, business or landmark?

… please add them to the following document that is available online. You do not have to be logged in or register. Simply click on the link below and add your suggestion.

Route 66 Locations and Attractions to be added to the above map

You may use the map for planning your trip from home, but once you get on the road, you should also get Jerry McClanahan’s EZ guide and Jim Ross‘ map series to help you get directions for finding the original stretches.

For some turn by turn maps you may want to check the oldest Route 66 website:
Where Historic Route 66 meets the Internet.
Authors and Owners: Swa Frantzen and Nadine Pelicaen
Current roadmaps and GPS systems are still poor at indicating where Route 66 ran and signs can be spotty or even missing all too often.

A good friend of mine is also very involved with the Mother Road and I would not want to miss  Jim Hinckley  from Kingman, Arizona in my about section. He has written many books about the Mother Road and his blog is a very good source of inspiration to road travel. He’s the guy to tell people where to go since 1990 on his website Jim Hinckley’s America

Tags used by Route 66 Travelers on different social media platforms

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Want to read about how it all began? Than you should click the link below:

How it all began

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