Route 66 Map

featuring all locations, historic places, landmarks, attractions along the Mother Road.

Please send eMail to RT66 Travelers (at) gmail (dot) com with relevant information if you know of any :

  • missing locations, attractions or historical places
  • links to informative websites, blogs or articles that should be added
  • other maps of Route 66 maps online
  • links to associations or organizations on Route 66 – worldwide
  • links to books and magazines
  • any other informative content about the Mother Road.

Another possibility to have your location added would be the use of the following Google-Doc-File:

Route 66 locations and attractions for myMap

We get information every time something new is added to the file. After checking your entry it will be added to the map.

For more maps from other travelers or enthusiasts, please select the hashtag
#Route 66 Map

The easiest way to get it on your desktop is adding this page to your favorites, but you can also share it or even embed it into your website.

You can also share via the share icon (see above)
once the dropdown menu opens, you can select how to share (see above)

No matter how you share the map, it will always be up to date.

In case you have problems to link to the map or embed it, please send me an email by using the  contact form  or send it directly to Route 66 Travelers (at) gmail (dot) com (To send eMail, please click the link)

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