Seen in Santa Rosa, New Mexico on Route 66

8 weeks, 8 states, 8 photos

… still taking a break and will be back some time in March with different challenges. The exact date of the restart will be given, as soon as I have the exact date of my online interview about Route 66 Travelers – some time at the beginning of March. It’s going to be on a Sunday at 9 pm CET. Will send the invitation link in time, so if you’re interested you can join the live interview and if you can’t attend, you may watch it later on YouTube.

Cool Springs, Arizona Route 66

Sorry for the delay with the prizes, but this pandemic and long working hours at office makes it impossible for me to start any time sooner. The first interview was scheduled for January, but I had to cancel it. Due to this crazy pandemic I could not send out the prizes of the winners. Long story, has to do with the pandemic, my hometown and the European Union – not really worth to tell, but really annoying, what politics can accomplish … or was it just inverse? Nevertheless I promisse – you will get them … hopefully still this year.

Ash Fork, Arizona Route 66

There’s going to be only online promotion for the new challenges until the craziness of this pandemic is over.

I could get some sponsors for future challenges with prizes you’ll love (they all have to do with Route 66), but I’d like to wait and see how the whole situation is developing. Until that, only online promotion for your photos and business (as appropriate) on different social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (page and group) and of course in the blog).

I also hope traveling, especially long distance travel (for us Europeans) is going to be possible again … I miss Route 66 and I miss all the friends I made along the Mother Road and beyond.

Classic Car in Tucumcari, New Mexico
Tucumari, New Mexico Route 66

Tops of the week is not going to be back, but there’s going to be another challenge instead, however, not simultaneously with #Route66Smiling.

The challenge 8 weeks, 8 states, 8 photos with the hashtag #Route66Smiling is going to be continued, so don’t forget to tag your photos with the above hashtag and also add #Route66Travelers to your posting. The new challenges will not depend on the upload date.

As you may have noticed the blog appearance has changed, too. The previous version did not have the categories and tags on the main page and also the archive could be accessed only if you opened an article. Looks more convenient to me and I hope you enjoy this version as much as I do.

Looking forward to better times and to many more great photos from the Mother Road.

Get your kicks on Route 66 with

#Route66Smiling and #Route66Travelers

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